FACT: Most sending agencies and churches don’t have the time, resources, or framework to deliver reentry training for their staff as they leave the field. Some don’t even know they need to.

OUR SOLUTION: Reentry Ready is a three-day intensive training, delivered live and in country for your staff, months before they begin their reentry process.

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REENTRY READY faces head-on the challenge of reentry with faith, creativity and proactive planning.

Through innovative life coaching and small-group discussion, we face and normalize the emotions that come with reentry. Plus, we provide current reentry resources, and help global staff make step-by-step plans for before, during and after transition.

Based on 2018 member care research, most global servants and missionaries prefer mentoring and support from a seasoned missionary or professional outside their organization, which avoids conflict of interest and allows them to be vulnerable as they process their experience.

Reentry Ready is best hosted offsite, in a neutral location, over 3 days (depending on the size of the organization.) The ideal participant is 2-4 months from leaving the field, but the topics, tools and resources are valuable at any stage of reentry. The intensive is designed for adults only.


What participants Receive

  • An online, reentry workbook.

  • Downloadable templates to educate family, churches and sending agencies about their roles in helping their missionary transition well.

  • Actionable tools for financial, physical, emotional, and mental health.

  • Access to the online Intermissionary community.

  • Discount registration for an uncoming Intermissionary Gathering.

What Sending Agencies receive

  • A trusted member care partner.

  • Experts in the field of reentry and transition available to serve agency staff in country ahead of reentry.

  • A cost-effective model for member care comprehensive, in-country delivery.

  • A growing community resource - a hub for all things - reentry/transition.

  • And more…

Interested in offering Reentry Ready to your staff?

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