The Intermissionary Story

In our 6+ years of supporting missionaries and global servants, we realized they received a lot more training and support headed into the field than they did coming off it.

Reentry is really hard, but being unprepared or living in denial about it, makes it even harder. We decided to do something about that, and Intermissionary was born.

Maybe you’ve been doing global aid work for several years - living outside your home country, easily speaking the language, living a hard-won rhythm you’ve come to deeply love, but now you’re heading home…

  • What does “home” even mean?

  • How do you build a new life in an old place?

  • How will all your new skills translate?

  • Plus, you’re so different now. The people you love at home, haven’t seen what you’ve seen. Sometimes you wonder if they care to see it.

Plus, you’re physically and emotionally exhausted, struggling with compassion fatigue, PTSD, secondary trauma, disillusionment - overwhelmed at the idea of starting over.

  • How do I live in the West again?

  • If I’m not this, who am I?

  • What's my life for now?

  • Will I ever do anything this cool again?

In 2017, we began hosting week-long debriefing and reentry retreats for missionaries and global aid workers to help them answer these questions. Here’s what people have said about the experience.

Help a missionary return home well today.