Intermissionary Retreats

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Intermissionary Scholarship Fund
Ten Commandments

1. The Intermissionary Scholarship Fund makes partial scholarships available to help qualified global workers attend a week-long missionary debriefing retreat sponsored by Intermissionary Retreats.

2. Qualified participants are global servants who have spent six months or more in humanitarian work, relief work or the Christian mission field within the last 12 months.

3. A partial scholarship may be any amount up to 2/3 of the registration fee for an Intermissionary Retreat. If you are granted a IM Fund scholarship you must supply the remaining 1/3 of the registration fee (payable to Girl Catch Fire - 30 days prior to the retreat) and fund your own travel expenses to the retreat location - including airfare, transport, visa requirements etc. 

4. Intermissionary Scholarship funds may be offered in any amount up to 2/3 of the registration fee. Participants may accept or decline the scholarship based on their ability to fund the remainder.

5. You may not receive IM Scholarship Funds if you are already sponsored by your agency. 

6. Donors to the IM Scholarship fund, are giving to the fund itself, not to a specific recipient. In this way, we can leverage the funds more effectively, spreading them across multiple participants.   

7. Should a donor wish to dedicate their funds to a particular person, we recommend they fund that person directly, via check, crew bank, paypal etc. so Intermissionary Scholarship Funds remain unrestricted. 

8. Please be aware that Girl Catch Fire LLC, manager of the Intermissionary Scholarship Fund, is a for-profit corporation, therefore no donation to the scholarship fund will be tax deductible. 

9. When a participant’s registration is 100% funded, (by scholarship and the participant’s 1/3 commitment) and acknowledged by Girl Catch Fire LLC, then the participant may fill out the sponsored participant registration form. 

10. Be kind. Be generous. Pay it forward.