Intermissionary Retreats

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in the registration fee?

Your $900 fee includes six nights, double-occupancy housing (that means plan to have a roomie or two) three meals a day, snacks, happy hour, retreat materials and a few surprise extras.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the retreat location, on schedule. We try to locate the retreats close to major transport systems and connect participants with ride sharing and resources, but it's your responsibility to get yourself to the location.

What should I bring?

Basically anything you would need for a weeklong vacation that's heavy on hiking, outdoor time and possible inclement weather. Intermissionary retreats are held in mountain locations, so layers are a good idea. Don't forget, a towel (we love hottubs) sunscreen, a hat, your bible and a pen. If you play a musical instrument bring it!

Can I bring my family?

At this time Intermissionary is designed for adults only - specifically women. Exceptions can be made for couples depending on the location. We recognize the need for family debriefing, but we know that to get the best results, kids and parents should really debrief separately. If you need a good family debriefing program we recommend MTI's DAR program for kids.

What can I expect from the program itself?

Our focus at Intermissionary is always on the Lord Jesus and his will for each of us. As such, things tend to shift and change by day. However, our main reentry curriculum comes from Melissa Chaplin's Returning Well. We recommend it even if you don't attend Intermissionary. 

Are there therapists on staff?

No. There are life coaches who specialize in reentry and transition coaching. They are available for one on one sessions to help you process your service and plan your reentry. If you are in crisis, suffering from PTSD or other major mental health issues, we recommend you seek therapeutic intervention prior to attending an Intermissionary Retreat.

What time should I arrive/depart?

For the 2018 retreats plan to arrive at noon on Sunday. If you arrive early please make arrangements for your own accommodation and amusement. The retreats are Sunday-Saturday morning. Our departure time on Saturday is typically 10am. 

How do I make my travel plans?

As the retreat approaches, we will send you more information via email about airport, transport services, weather reports, hiking in the area etc. 

I've heard there's scholarship help. Where can I find out more about that?

Yes, if you are a returning global worker with more than 6 months out in the field within the last year, you may apply for a scholarship to fund up to 2/3 of your retreat space. You are responsible for all your travel costs and the balance for the retreat. See all the details here. Submit your application here.

I'd love to help a missionary debrief their experience at Intermissionary. How do I donate?

We'd love that too. You can donate here.