Help Your Missionary Transition

How to Support Your Returning Missionary

A friend of mine, a former Mercy Ships crewmember, popped into my feed today, cheering us on for the work we’re doing at Intermissionary.

Like us, he knows that global aid workers often need as much support leaving the field as they did entering it. The problem is, for many, that's just one more thing they have to hustle the cash for.

Most missionaries are so emotionally and physically spent at the end of their service, they can't muster the energy to ask you for the money. 

So, a lot of them go it alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What is Intermissionary For?

What is Intermissionary For?

At Intermissionary Retreats, we know a successful reentry involves patience, planning and people.

Taking a week out to rest your mind, body and heart before entering the whirlwind of building a new life in an old place, is just plain smart. So is preparing for reverse culture shock. Your nation, your friends and your family have changed since you’ve been gone. So have you. Expecting things to be easy and familiar is a common mistake.

At Intermissionary Retreats, we listen to you talk about your experience abroad and we normalize it. Then we help you build some context around it, so you can use it for something cool going forward.

Reentry Making You Anxious?

So you're headed "home" after serving overseas for a few years? Congratulations! I'll bet you're excited, terrified, grieving, thrilled, nauseous, stunned, confused and a little hysterical about that. 

That's because you rarely say hello and excuse me in your own language anymore. You go full-speed from dawn until dusk and someone always needs you for something. You walk everywhere and out your back door is your favorite fruit vendor. The life you have now is relentless, frustrating, meaningful, glorious and heartbreaking,'s ending. 

How to Help Your Missionary Come "Home"

Because your missionary trusts God for their work, their salary, their housing, their future - something that seems impossible to you - you may have built them up as someone who is "SOOOO AMAZING." 

As such, many missionaries only show the SOOOO AMAZING parts to their loved ones and supporters because they feel like it's expected of them.  

You will do your returning missionary a huge kindness if you help them off that pedestal and let them be human as they transition. Here are a couple ways to do that: