Reentry Making You Anxious?

So you're headed "home" after serving overseas for a few years? Congratulations! I'll bet you're excited, terrified, grieving, thrilled, nauseous, stunned, confused and a little hysterical about that. 

That's because you rarely say hello and excuse me in your own language anymore. You go full-speed from dawn until dusk and someone always needs you for something. You walk everywhere and out your back door is your favorite fruit vendor. The life you have now is relentless, frustrating, meaningful, glorious and heartbreaking,'s ending. 

Intermissionary and the Table

Are you moving through a big life transition with trepidation: Afraid you will miss the will of God for your life, fearful you will never again do something as cool as you were doing; afraid you'll be lonely forever and forced to settle for whatever the "real world" hands you? 

May I suggest you have a lot more control over the "real world" than you think you do, child of the Most High King.

Intermissionary Lessons: Leaving Summer Camp

Also, in the best expat neighborhoods and missionary communities, there's a convivial summer camp vibe as everyone gathers to eat together in the dark, again, passing another power outage playing guitar and singing. Then it's somebody's birthday and someone made a cake with margarine frosting because it was all they had, and it was strangely delicious.

It's not unusual to feel like a better, freer version of yourself here; skipping down the street with a local friend, who's invited you to eat with her family, hopping puddles because you have a mile to walk and you don't want to get your shoes wet. 

There is easy togetherness that occurs in cultures that place high value on human relationships. We respond to that because humans were designed to be together, but in the US, it's like we've found ways to make that as inorganic and difficult as possible. 

No wonder people fear going "home"