Our Favorite Partners - The Mountains

"The mountains are calling and I must go." -John Muir

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I took this picture three years ago, in Chamonix France, at the very first Intermissionary Retreat.

Nine of us sat by this river and talked about Jesus cooking breakfast for his friends on the beach, when they still thought he was dead.

He restored Peter there, gave him a new name.

The mountains are our partners at Intermissionary - the place where our breath slows, our shoulders drop and our minds can take five from our relentless thinking. The best place we know to let Jesus restore our names. This year we’re gathering in the mountains outside Nashville, Tennessee, to do just that.

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Be Still and Know…

It is difficult to find quiet and stillness in our culture. We have to be deliberate about it. So while there will be great teaching and reentry tools at The Gathering, we know, ultimately, you need to hear from God more than you need to hear from us.

So we leave plenty of space for that to happen in awe inspiring places.

If you have been doing hard and heavy lifting in the world's crisis and humanitarian zones, you may need the stillness and the space more than the average person. Could you use a time out, to sit with Jesus and consider all that was made in and through and for Him? Maybe even let him give you a new name, for a new season?

We can help. There are a few spaces left at The Intermissionary Gathering. Reach out here if you’re interested in joining us. .