What's The Gathering For?

It’s amazing how many people tear up when we tell them what we’re doing at Intermissionary: Particularly when we describe our upcoming four-day campout/worship concert/party in Nashville.

The idea of gathering on a farm, nestled in the Tennessee Hills for four-days in the fall, with a bunch of other missionaries and global servants who are ready to worship, learn, vent and reconnect with people who get them…

It feels like recognition.


What we know for sure at Intermissionary is the number one felt need among returning global servants is to simply be WITH people who get the experience: To stop feeling so foreign, lonely and misunderstood all the time. Even more than that, to easily express to others how profound and life-changing global service is.

Frankly, sadly, people at home, no matter how much they love you, just don’t get that.

That’s why you have a two-minute elevator speech at the ready for when someone asks “how was your trip?”

It wasn’t a trip - it was your life for years - your work, your identity, your community.

At Intermissionary we get that you miss it!

And so on October 11-14 we are putting you all together, in one very beautiful, unplugged place for a weekend of reconnection with the people who get you. We will worship together, hang out together, share meals together and engage the most relevant and useful reentry tools available in global member care.

It’s a training, a party, a release valve, an unplugged weekend campout among the falling leaves of the Tennessee Hills.

Do you need to be there? Purchase your tickets today.

Don’t wait, prices go up again in September.