What is Intermissionary For?

Missionaries and global aid workers who are headed “home” after a season abroad usually have the following things in common:

***A deep passion for their work AND bone-weariness at the relentless nature of it.

*** Joy at living near their loved ones again AND grief over new loved ones left behind.

*** Pride at what they’ve accomplished AND frustration over what’s left to do.

*** An impressive complex of new skills AND fear they might never use them again.

*** A desperate need for solitude AND a desire for community.

Reentry is an exercise in paradox, and many missionaries discover - the hard way - that going “home” takes a lot more than just a plane ticket. Of course you CAN get home in 12 hours – but should you?

At Intermissionary Retreats, we know a successful reentry involves patience, planning and people.

Taking a week out to rest your mind, body and heart before entering the whirlwind of building a new life in an old place, is just plain smart. So is preparing for reverse culture shock. Your nation, your friends and your family have changed since you’ve been gone. So have you. Expecting things to be easy and familiar is a common mistake.

At Intermissionary Retreats, we listen to you talk about your experience abroad and we normalize it. Then we help you build some context around it, so you can use it for something cool going forward.

We also help you reconnect with the God who sent you out in the first place – so you can start dreaming again - imagining what might come next.

So why not take a week? Take a breath? Do it with a small group of people in a high-mountain location, where the meals are long, the air is clear and naps are taken in sunny spots daily.

That’s how we roll at Intermissionary. So if you’ve been serving outside your passport nation for 6+ months and need a break before going “home,” join us

June 24-30 in Chamonix, France or September 16-22 in Montana, USA.