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Intermissionary BOGO - Spouses Come Free.

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We are making a special, limited-time offer for married couples taking a break from global service or transitioning to a new season. Both of you must have 6+ months serving outside your passport nation, be legally married and book in this week - July 23-July 28.

This is a great way to get the help both of you need with transition, reentry, processing, planning & marriage, without breaking the bank.

Space is limited and the offer ends Saturday - So hop on it.

Bozeman, Montana | September 16-22 | Visit the Retreats Page

Two Reentry Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them.

This is IntermissionaryErin Kirk

It's like you've spent five years working in the first century church, where all the believers were together and had everything in common, but then you got off a plane and wound up in the 21st century church, where you see people once a week, exchange a few words (“busy” is usually one of them) and then go eat lunch by yourself.

No wonder that hurts!

What Needs Reconciliation Before You Leave?

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We know from working with global aid workers and missionaries that leaving the field without reconciling lingering conflict, makes your reentry and transition more difficult.

Oh and by the way, forgiveness and reconciliation are two different things. If forgiving someone who's hurt you is hard, reconciling with them is like the Thunderdome. Guess which one Jesus told us to do?

Reconcile. Matthew 5:23.

If you'd rather avoid conflict because you're afraid of it, rest assured, approximately 100% of human beings on planet earth, feel the same way.

But there's help!

A few years ago, I did a training on a book called Crucial Conversations. If you ask me, it's the gold standard for learning how to reconcile with people.

We're going to do a bunch of work around reconciliation at Intermissionary and we have a few spaces left. Want some help with this? Join us.

June 24-30. | Chamonix, France
September 16-22 | Bozeman, Montana USA

How to Support Your Returning Missionary

This is IntermissionaryErin Kirk

A friend of mine, a former Mercy Ships crewmember, popped into my feed today, cheering us on for the work we’re doing at Intermissionary.

Like us, he knows that global aid workers often need as much support leaving the field as they did entering it. The problem is, for many, that's just one more thing they have to hustle the cash for.

Most missionaries are so emotionally and physically spent at the end of their service, they can't muster the energy to ask you for the money. 

So, a lot of them go it alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What is Intermissionary For?

This is IntermissionaryErin Kirk

At Intermissionary Retreats, we know a successful reentry involves patience, planning and people.

Taking a week out to rest your mind, body and heart before entering the whirlwind of building a new life in an old place, is just plain smart. So is preparing for reverse culture shock. Your nation, your friends and your family have changed since you’ve been gone. So have you. Expecting things to be easy and familiar is a common mistake.

At Intermissionary Retreats, we listen to you talk about your experience abroad and we normalize it. Then we help you build some context around it, so you can use it for something cool going forward.

Opportunities with Intermissionary (in France!)

This is IntermissionaryErin Kirk

Incredibly, the Intermissionary Scholarship Fund has already received enough cash to fund a space at Chamonix. The amazing part is, the donations were made by Intermissionary Alumni who themselves were sponsored by others. 

See how God works? 

All the details of how a sponsored space works can be found here but in short, the IM Scholarship Fund will pay up to 2/3 of the cost of the retreat. For Chamonix that's $600. The recipient must cover the remaining 1/3 ($300) and their travel expenses to the retreat location. 

We are now accepting applications for the first funded space for Chamonix 2018.