We help missionaries and global aid workers reenter their home countries well - even after years living & working abroad.



The assumption that global workers are ‘just relieved to be home,’ is overly-simplistic & alienating.

Many are ill-equipped, depressed, floundering & lonely, with nobody around who really gets why.

They’ve left people, cultures & work they love & some quietly wonder if they’ve left their identity behind as well.

Erin Kirk - Intermissionary President & Founder


The Gathering

A three-day, unplugged, community campout, offering global workers:

A joyful reunion with old & new friends.

Cutting-edge reentry training.

Live worship.

Bonfires, food trucks and more...


Coming Soon - Reentry Ready

Reentry Ready is a live, in-country training, designed to help sending agencies prepare their staff for reentry - months before they actually leave the field

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about us

Intermissionary began in 2017 as a series of small-group retreats held in the US and Europe.

We’ve coached hundreds of people through various transitions and are a registered 501c3 non-profit.

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