Intermissionary Retreats

Process Act One. Imagine Act Two.

Our Idea

Global servants, aid workers and missionaries are very busy people. The cause is noble, the need is endless, so you work yourself to burnout. 

Now, some of you are headed "home" or on furlough. You've been at it so hard and so long you might be thinking: 

  • If I'm not this, who am I?

  • What's my life for now?

  • Will I ever do anything this cool again?

  • What does "home" even mean?

Plus, you're probably bone-weary and in need of a moment to breathe and remember that serving God is not a job, it's a love affair. 

Intermissionary does two things:

1. We give you that moment where nobody needs anything from you. We provide ease, time and silence to abide in the vine and allow his sap to flow through your veins again. We lead you back into the throne room to remind you how good it feels to be there. Maybe your receiver needs to be tuned, it takes time and space to do that. 

2. We serve YOU. It is legal to admit you are weary, vulnerable and unsure of what to do next. We're not. We have one focus, one job during this time: YOU.

We also believe listening is an act of love, so we ask questions and listen to the answers, even the things you're not saying - then we ask about those too. We love to remind you that Jesus is mighty and faithful and he has a purpose for your life. Let's talk about that.

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“When the apostles returned, they reported to Jesus what they had done. Then He took them with him and they withdrew by themselves to a town called Bethsaida.
— Luke 9:10